Call for Papers

Final Call for Papers

Papers submission deadline: 30th September 2016


  • All Authors have the option of submitting  either an abstract  or a Full Paper
  • Submitting a full paper (Maximum length- 8 pages)  is not mandatory but is highly recommended.
  • Full papers will be peer-reviewed, published and will appear in the 5th International Summit of the Book proceedings

The Summit invites suggestions for potential Invited speakers and paper submissions focussing on the following sub-themes :

  • Technology and Manuscripts
  • Books & Cultural Exchange
  • eBooks Versus Print Books
  • Book Industry Challenges in Europe
  • Books, Reading and the Society
  • Books and Knowledge Economy
  • Future of the book
  • Role of the book in human knowledge and culture
  • Rare Books
  • Literacy
  • Preservation through digitization
  • Archival repositories and special collections
  • Preservation and the library as a sacred institution
  • Book manufacture in modern times
  • Etymology & history of the Book
  • Information Explosion and the Book
  • Libraries and challenges for the future

Papers should be submitted to papers@summitofthebook2016.com using the template provided below:

Full Paper Submission TemplateAbstract Submission Template


Submissions in any of the following forms are accepted:

  • Full paper to be published in conference proceedings
  • Presentation
  • Roundtable discussion

Papers submission deadline: 30th September 2016